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“SEO Specialist Kerala | SEO Consultant Kerala”

The title above, You must’ve seen that a lot online, right?

👋🏻Are you looking for a freelance SEO expert in Kerala? Do you want to drive more free traffic to your website every single day?

Hold your horses. Learn a bit about me first. Then I will start the boasting.

Hi there, I’m Mighil.

Meet Mighil Puthukkudy. Another guy who use SEO Expert in Kerala, SEO Consultant in Keralakeywords in the title. But I currently reside in PR China though. (Oh the irony 💁‍♂️)

I’ve been doing and experimenting SEO 🔍 for over 5 years now.

I’ve worked as an SEO Specialist (in few of the best digital marketing agencies in Kerala). I was also the in-house SEO Team Leader at IObit Software (one of the leading software developers globally).

And now, I lead the overseas operations team at ugChain, a blockchain based project with offices in China, Singapore, and Japan.

The good thing about my career is I get enough time to work as a freelance SEO expert who’s passionate about helping small businesses and companies succeed online.

With my SEO consulting in Kerala and abroad,  I have been very successful and brought great results and ROI on the campaigns I’ve been involved in.

Oh, don’t forget to check my certifications on this page.

Show Me Your SEO Results 🤷‍♂️

OK, here you go:

Acodez Web Design SEO Ranking

I worked on this project with Shahan during my time at an agency in Calicut.

Other project details are listed on LinkedIn.

Due to confidentiality reason, I can’t share the traffic data of IObit in public. Maybe we can discuss that in private. 

Don’t worry, I am that guy who thoroughly analyzes the changes in Google SERP algorithm and experiment 🎮 SEO efforts according to that

Best Practices and Strict Motto:

Yeah, I like to follow what’s best and meaningful for the web. What I believe is “put your customers first” philosophy.

I’ll transform your ideas into the web and push them online only if your business idea sounds promising for the end user.

We both needn’t waste our precious time, right?

Inbound Marketing Services I Provide:

I can offer you meaningful and effective local SEO services than any other freelance SEO expert Kerala or SEO Consultant in Kerala.

With my great experience in server management and web niche, you can reduce the cost of hiring an SEO agency for your digital marketing needs.

You can hire me for:

Local SEO – improving the local visibility of your business in Kerala. Done via local link building, onsite SEO, Google My Business optimization and various experimentations.

Content Promotion – So you’ve got awesome content? I can help you promote it the right way using the right digital channels in Kerala.

Technical SEO Audits – I don’t provide FREE Audit. My audits will cover more in-depth statistics.

Note: Lot of people ask for free audits and they should understand that a professional like me will never compile a top notch SEO Audit for free.

Complete Inbound Marketing  – This includes all organic, paid, creative marketing strategies.

Now My Question is:

Do you want to…

  • Rank your website for relevant business related keywords?
  • Build the online authority of your website and brand in Kerala?
  • Increase the number of people visiting your website and improve conversion?

Email mighil[at]orza.io. Lazy? Text or Whatsapp this number +1 (702) 763-3178‬.

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