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Glad you’re here.

I’m sure you know a thing or two about digital marketing. You won’t be here otherwise.

To be honest, there’s a shitload of digital marketing agencies in Calicut or in India that claim to be best in the business. Do you really want to work with a mediocre Hubspot partnered inbound marketing agency in India?

OK, let them do their regular boasting and I’ll talk what is real. I solely care about the growth of a business. Resource-intensive marketing automation or strategy without proper planning is waste of time and money. Is that what you want? Marketing strategies should be designed well in a way that the end user is happy with content or product we deliver. It must be meaningful.

Yes, you can indirectly cheat the system. Make a lot of links and outrank the competitor at some point. But I’d never work with you if your ethics is to achieve goals with meaningless or repetitive tasks.

I’m sorry. I prefer developing fresh and unique content to support inbound marketing. I prefer real user engagements and social connections. I believe in organic reach and the impact it promises. I can’t be an average digital marketer.

Inbound Marketing Agency Calicut India
I’m not “kind of a big deal”. I am the big deal.

Hence, I believe in result oriented growth marketing strategies. And I highly encourage you to have a discussion with me on this topic. Though I don’t provide free consultation, my rates are quite cheaper than the consultants you find on clarity or

Let’s talk how SEO, SEM, PPC, SMO, Content marketing and social media networking strategies can impact the growth of your business. Connect with me today if you prefer to work with a growth-oriented expert instead of a mediocre agency.

List of digital growth marketing services I provide.

Read on, if you are new to the game… ignore otherwise.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I don’t have a perfect SEO strategy plan for you now. Don’t make blind requests and I won’t promise bogus results also. It entirely depends on your service and goals.

SEO Agency Calicut Best
Paid SEM vs Organic SEO. Source: Moz.

Ideally, I’d start with a research and SEO audit. Then we will discuss your goals, focus keywords and ROI ideas. If your website needs revision or redesign, I’ll be honest with that. B2B, B2C, SaaS, BaaS, whatever, perfect the UX first then we will proceed.

Let’s take a look at the typical SEO activities:

  • SEO Research and Audit.
  • Site Improvement + On-Page SEO Checksheet.
  • Off-page SEO plans for Q1.
  • Measure ROI and SEO results.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Over the years, Google is trying their best to transform Google Adwords into an intuitive SEM platform. Why? The answer is quite simple. They want us to invest more money in it.

Take a look at Google My Business for example. Everything is well explained on their website and all you need is guidance or consulting from an expert like me. Since I like to work with small or medium-sized businesses, It’ll be much better for both of us.

Normally, I outsource large-scale SEM projects. Here’s what we’ll be doing for SEM:

  • Research and understand the target audience.
  • Setup ad campaigns after finalizing with the client.
  • Focus on optimizing the campaign and measure the results.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Sure Facebook + Cambridge Analytica is a hot topic right now.

But let’s not forget optimizing your social media pages and channels is kind of a big deal. Go social is the thing now. Constant social media engagement and good reputation play a big role in shaping a trustworthy company these days.

Social Media Company Calicut

Social media is like a golden goose. If you keep up with the right strategy, it’ll promise growth, reputation, trust and conversion. I’d be happy to help you with:

  • Social media account setup.
  • Reputation management and social media strategy design.
  • Improve the social reach (organic and paid if necessary).

Inbound Marketing

I believe in inbound marketing and “customer first” philosophy, and I think it’s the right way to do it. Inbound marketing offers a higher return on investment than traditional marketing methodology with a significantly lower cost per lead.

Why is it so effective? watch this video to learn more. Take a look at the picture below. It clearly explains the inbound marketing methodology.

Inbound Marketing Calicut

To be honest, you don’ t have to hire an inbound marketing agency in India for full-scale inbound marketing services. It’s wise to hire a digital marketing expert with the right skills.

Connect with me right away and discuss how inbound marketing strategies can help achieve your business goals. We will be working on the same principle designed by Hubspot. I’m flexible with open source/free tools along with the paid ones.

Bottomline: Do You Dare to Be Different?

There’s a lot of mediocre digital agencies in Kerala, India. Following the same old digital marketing fluff isn’t going to help you. You need real visitors, real metrics and user engagement. I’m all about that. Get in touch today!

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